A unique post-apocalyptic world

Revival Online

is a unique world created basing on the game Fallout. The absence of the client, a simplified interface, extensive crafting system and quests, unique world of Post-Apocalypse - this is everything that makes the game popular in RuNet.

A huge number of players around the world have already duly appreciated Revival Online. The project has become a social networkon some level! Sign up and you will be able to join the close-knit company and find friends among those who are trying to survive in the world after a nuclear explosion.

Confidentiality and Use of ‘Cookie’ Files

Revival Online Ltd. Company (hereinafter, ‘Revival’ or ‘We’) approaches to users’ personal data confidentiality with high responsibility. This Regulation aims to clarify what We do for confidentiality protection and how we use users’ personal data that you provide when registering in a browser-based online game Revival (hereinafter the ‘Services’).

This Regulation applies only to data that was voluntary provided by a user during registration on the Website.

If you registered on the Website, you gave an unconditional agreement to our use of your personal data. Otherwise, do not start using the Services. This Regulation may change periodically, so you need to re-read it regularly.

Collecting User Data

Revival Company requires users’ personal data for the improvement of service quality. It also allows us to create optimal conditions for a convenient use of company’s Services, in particular to get electronic notifications about the Services. If you are not interested in these electronic notifications, you can unsubscribe from them at any time. To do this, follow the instruction annexed to each of them.

The list of personal data that Revival Company requires for its work includes:

  • User name;
  • Social network account number;
  • E-mail address.

Your personal data is available to us via:

  • Your messages on forums that are dedicated to the Services;
  • When sending messages to the technical support;
  • If you make a purchase from us.

When using Revival Services via a social network account, data from it is added to our database.

Revival saves data on the game session duration as well as on received points. We also save information on sending invitations into the game Revival to friends.

If you purchase products that are offered in the list of our Services, We may save your financial data that was used while making a payment. We cooperate with a transaction operator that guarantees your financial data security. The operator saves it to avoid entering all the data again by re-purchasing. Revival Company doesn’t store your bank card and account details. The only exception is your appeal to our technical support for transaction details.

Third-Party Services

Partners or suppliers, who cooperate with us, can use various Internet technologies. Note that the companies that we have partnership with are responsible for their work. They use them to collect data for their needs.

Company’s Cookie Files Policy

www.revival.online uses Cookie files. It allows us determining the User identity and automatically collecting data that your PC sends to our Internet resource, such as data about time that was spent to browse the webpage of our Website, date and duration of the use of the Website.

Cookie files allow us to collect all the necessary data and, taking into account the individuality of Users, to improve the site with its help, optimally manage advertising and simplify the access of Users to Personal Account.

You can adjust your web browser settings to make it send alerts when Cookie files are about to be placed on your PC, reject them or simply limit their placing (giving access to a specific type of Cookie files only). You can learn details about banning Cookie files from the browser support. Consider that after banning Cookies files, you may be unable to use some Website functions.

Google Analytics

Revival uses Google Analytics to get data on its Internet resource. By means of this tool we’re able to analyze the frequency of visits to the Website, learn the rate of pages that are of top-interest for users, know about the Internet resources that were browsed by Users before going to the Website. Data provided by Google Analytics is used for the improvement of the Internet resource and optimization of its work. At the same time, there’s a Cookie file that is added to your browser to define you as a unique user, yet the data is used by the Google Company only. Its rights to data that is provided by Google Analytics are within the Google action zone of internal confidentiality rules.

Protection of Personal Data

It is important for us to provide security of your personal data. For this purpose we control access to it via a unique password. To protect personal data from an unauthorized use, we suggest to never reveal the password. Note that an account owner is responsible for the use of Revival Website, regardless of who used your login and password. If it is suspected that there was an unauthorized access to your account, please inform our technical support.

Data Transmission to a Third-Party for Further Use

Except for the cases stated in the Regulation, Revival Company guarantees your personal data confidentiality. If there will be an action conducted with the Users personal data required, you will be given a chance not to participate in it voluntarily. We pass the data to the law enforcement bodies or procurator’s office, only if it is needed for a criminal investigation (solely on their legal requirement).

We may share your personal data with third-parties that cooperate with us in the sphere of marketing and advertising services, payment transactions and hosting services. They have the right to use this data to provide us with a suitable service level.

We can establish cooperation with third-parties for the improvement of the quality of our services. To block a potential data transfer to third-parties, stop using our Services. To prevent our partners from using your personal data in future, send a request to our technical support and we will consider it.

We also allow advertiser collecting non-personal data for further analysis. Collected data will be used for making appropriate promotional offers.

Accessing and Updating Personal Data

Revival Company provides a high level of confidentiality of user data as well as ensures a transparent cooperation. If you want, you can make adjustments to your profile data or delete it in your Personal Account. It’s worth considering that the removal of all personal data can lead to account suspension.

Ensuring Data Privacy

 Our company uses various methods to protect user data from an unauthorized use by third-parties. However, we don’t guarantee that the system is well-protected from third-party attacks and that they cannot crack our protective measures. Note that exchange of messages by means of e-mail is not the most secure method and this is why you should never send your personal data in this way.

In case of any damage to the security system, Revival Website promptly sends notice of the incident to those Users, whose personal data is likely to have been disclosed.

To ensure access to Personal Account only to its owner We request a unique password. You are responsible for its complexity and safekeeping.

Policy on Juvenile

Revival Company doesn’t provide Services to persons less than 13 years. Only on reaching this age, a person can register on the Website and send his/her personal data. If we get proofs that you weren’t 13 at the time of registration, your account and all data will be immediately deleted. Children under 13 years need to obtain permission from adults before sending personal data over the Internet.

Links to Other Internet Resources

Revival Company can give links to other applications within the bounds of the Website. This is done solely for the users’ convenience.  Also, the content of the Revival Company’s Website may be placed on other Internet resources with our permission. Data that will be provided by you on the linked pages or applications is used by third-party. You can familiarize with its privacy policy on request.


If you send us any message via e-mail, the system remembers the e-mail address and text of correspondence. This allows us writing the answer.

Regulation Adjustments

 Revival Company can update this Regulation at any time. You will see a notification on the pages of this Internet resource or in your e-mail box. If you continue using the Services, it means that you accept the revised Regulations without reservation.


You can send any questions concerning the privacy policy of Revival Company to our support service. 

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