A unique post-apocalyptic world

Revival Online

is a unique world created basing on the game Fallout. The absence of the client, a simplified interface, extensive crafting system and quests, unique world of Post-Apocalypse - this is everything that makes the game popular in RuNet.

A huge number of players around the world have already duly appreciated Revival Online. The project has become a social networkon some level! Sign up and you will be able to join the close-knit company and find friends among those who are trying to survive in the world after a nuclear explosion.

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More than 150,000 players

A huge number of players around the world have already highly appreciated Revival Online.                The project is in a sense, it has become a social network! Sign up and you will be able to join the warm company and find friends among those who are trying to survive in the world after a nuclear explosion ..

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7 years we give joy to the fans

The game has existed since 2009 and has celebrated its 7th anniversary recently. This once again underlines the undying interest in the game. Regular updates and improvements throughout the time to rejoice and continue to delight their fans.

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Developers are always there

In the opinion of many players the game developers in Revival Online - one of the friendliest teams in RuNet, which is always connected and ready to help anyone get started in the game and solve the difficulty. Offers players about improvements and completions are always considered and many of them are already in the game.

Rev-online - the world of MMORPG online

Do not pass by! For fans of Fallout universe, wishing to develop its post-nuclear adventure in the free MMORPG games, we declare that you've come to the right place! Rev-online - is a free online mmorpg game that has incorporated the most exciting moments of the universe of Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, as well as many other mmorpg games online. Gameplay and anturazhnye 2-d graphics perfectly convey the exciting atmosphere of post-apocalyptic world. no need to download a client to access. Open a browser on your computer, tablet or phone and feel the wilderness right now!

Combat system

Boevki made in the classical style MMORPG (mmorpg) games online: You play in the first person. Fight monsters can be on wastelands or throw PVP challenge the offender to the urban scene. Many settings and filters allow you to create group fighting different types and complexity. Choosing the level, type and size of the teams entry fee, you can create the most unpredictable fights. In some battles random opponent defines itself at the start. Thus learn in advance the result of the battle no one can!

Home location - city Water City - constantly modernized: towards development step MMORPG (mmorpg) project is making great efforts fans team. In 2014, there was the most anticipated event of the project - in the old added a unique new gaming location - Toxic Caves. Analogues of this location to other browser games you will not find! After entering update the developers carry out the action and promised to pay a large sum to anyone who finds Russian MMORPG online game with a similar functionality. Frequent bug fixes and improvements are helping to improve the interface and make ..

"War Never Changes" - this phrase has become a cult. Despite the nuclear cloud, dropping all the people to the origins of mankind were not alien to the selfish emotions and aggressive arrogant attitude. However, amidst the chaos it has personality, putting in the first place determination and fearlessness. Before you free online mmorpg game. What hero will you be? Ruthlessly mercenary destroyer or hermit-natured wanderer? Will you stay alive in this field of radioactive? Create your own universe, or try to raise from the ashes of the past heritage? Soak up all the severity of post-nuclear Water City in the best MMORPG online game Fallout: Revival Online!

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18 June 2017
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5 June 2017
Results of the fifth clan tournament and clan wars
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Results of the fifth clan tournament and clan wars
14 May 2017
According to the results of clan wars inin April the leadership belongs to the...
Great Victory Day!
 | Revival Online
Great Victory Day!
9 May 2017
Congratulations to all residents of Water City on the holiday of May 9! In...
What hero will you become?

A merciless mercenary destroyer or a hermit natured wanderer?