Short basic training

Gaming currency

To look around in the game, I advise to go to City map and go through the locations. Gold can be earned on the Scavengers’ Base, won in battles with other players or mobs in the Wasteland, gained from the sale of items on the market; Water is extracted and stored in private houses, it can also be obtained in exchange for pieces of monsters at the doctor Hans, you can exchange water for gold or caps in the store "Profiteer". Caps is the most expensive and valuable currency. It is possible to buy with it unique items and to pay for services, buy Stimulator (I recommend to do it, it allows you to recharge energy 2 times faster). You can buy caps in this location.

The leveling up of the character

It is possible to level up the character on 5 parameters: strength, agility, defense, max energy and health. These parameters are called stats. You can get stats for gaining a new level (3 stats), through the purchase of implants in the Laboratory (here you can distribute the stats with the cleanup of DNA), purchase weapons and armor in Weapon Store and Armor Store, and by purchasing more powerful weapon and armor in the Store Profiteer.

To increase the stats, you can make a tattoo at the Pub at tattoo artist Tool (they can be made beginning from the 15th level).

To gain a new level, you need to get experience. You can get experience in the battles between players (PvP) and in group fights on the Arena, and in the Wasteland while fighting against mobs. After gaining a new level, you can distribute free stats. To do this, go to the top menu Character > Information and in front of a row "Free stats" click "Use".

Where to earn?

You can earn gold working on Scavengers’ base, and restore energy after that in the Pub at Daisy. Gold is earned in the case of victories over opponents in PvP and group fights, when you kill mobs in the Wasteland.

You can take an interesting quest for fulfillment at Daisy or at Hunters’ Den (you can view the quest status in the top menu of the bookmark Quests). Here you can buy a car with which you can produce animal carcasses, animal fat and boxes that are containing various useful in-game items.

To get the water, you need to buy a private house. Doctor Hans will pay with the water for the brought pieces of mobs out of the Wasteland. And in Steam’s Water Store you can buy with water useful things: drugs to restore energy and health, items for crafting.

You can buy caps in the section Cap purchase (an image of the cap on the top menu), to get a reward from the administration for participating in contests, finding errors and other assistance on the game.

Major actions in the game

In addition to the battles in PvP and group fights, as well as marching in the Wastelands, you can create new items: section Crafting in the top menu. In order to create something, you must first purchase a recipe in the Store of Recipes.

On the Market you can buy or sell any gaming items. And doctor Hans is always ready to treat a character for gold.

In the Bank you can store your money to protect them from the attacking players, as well as move items from inventory to make room for new ones. At the moment the use of the Bank is free of charge, storage space is dimensionless.

The Pet Store allows you buying a pet, which will help in the Wasteland when transferring cargo and in battle. Pet also gains experience, its stats can be distributed.

The section Clans will help to know about the existing clans in the game and join one of them. When joining any clan, your doctor will treat you for free. Besides, there for clans is offered a number of game items with high stats, located in the Store Profiteer.

In the Chat an interesting communication with a large community of players is waiting for all. In the forum section Beginners we will be happy to help you and answer all your questions. Note that you have to register on the forum with your in-game nickname!
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