Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What to start with?

    Reply: First of all, read The Course of novice soldier>>>

  • Why has happened the catastrophe?

    Reply: The answer is in the story "Your path"

  • What is the sense of the game?

    Reply: The sense, as in many other online games, is leveling up (killing other characters and other creatures in the Wasteland, completing tasks, quests, improvement of character’s skills, the acquisition of various professions), as well as communication. Fallout fans will find in our project a lot of pleasant and such familiar items and characters.

  • Are there quests in the game?

    Reply: Yes, they are in the pub at the girl named Daisy, at the bartender, and at Hunters’ Den. You can find the full list of quests on the forum in this topic.

  • How to level up?

    Reply: There are several ways of character development. To start, you should better go to the city to training base. Here the beginners can quickly gain experience. When moving to a new level you will get the free stats that you need to distribute on this page.

  • Can I become a Ghoul or Super-mutant if drinking radio-active disgust?

    Reply: You will not become a mutant.

  • Are there other locations?

    Reply: Yes. Toxic caves. Look for them in the Wasteland

  • What the marching points are?

    Reply: The restrictions on the marches to the Wasteland. 1 step in the Wasteland = 1 marching point. Daily you will receive a fixed number of marching points.

  • What the referrals are?

    Reply: The users, recruited through a special link, which you can see at the current time in statistics. Important: intentional cheating with the referrals is punishable by ban of all the player’s characters.

  • While conducting the battle between two players what modifiers are considered (armor and weapons you put on the character)?

    Reply: Yes, to get weapons/armor, you need to buy it in the store: "of Armor", "Weapon", "Huckster", then enter the inventory and put the needed item. To see what is the gain of strength/protection, it is necessary to go on the character’s profile. In parentheses in grey color is written the gain to this characteristic.

  • How to restore the energy?

    Reply: To quickly restore the energy, take the drug Jet (you can buy it on the market) or install a stimulant that is bought in the laboratory.

  • What is the formula of energy restoring?

    Reply: +1 energy in 2 minutes. When you use a stimulant that is bought in the laboratory, 1 unit of energy is restored in 1 minute.

  • How much experience is needed to go to the next level?

    Reply: With each level to reach the next requires a greater amount of experience points.

  • What does the weapon power give?

    Reply: Power = attack.

  • What is the library in the game?

    Reply: In the library are stored various useful materials regarding the game.

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18 June
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5 June
Results of the fifth clan tournament and clan wars
 | Revival Online
Results of the fifth clan tournament and clan wars
14 May
According to the results of  clan wars in in April  the leadership belongs to the clan  BOS [ID 2], they have killed  6469&nb
Great Victory Day!
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Great Victory Day!
9 May
Congratulations to all residents of Water City on the holiday of May 9! In honor of this day, everyone has been issued with +15 attacks, +100 hiking g
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