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A unique post-apocalyptic world

Revival Online

is a unique world created basing on the game Fallout. The absence of the client, a simplified interface, extensive crafting system and quests, unique world of Post-Apocalypse - this is everything that makes the game popular in RuNet.

A huge number of players around the world have already duly appreciated Revival Online. The project has become a social networkon some level! Sign up and you will be able to join the close-knit company and find friends among those who are trying to survive in the world after a nuclear explosion.

>Top clans
  • 1.Raiders
  • 2.Brotherhood Outcasts
  • 3.Enclave
  • 4.Talon Company
  • 5.Shadow Legion
  • 6.Риверы
  • 7.Regulators
>Top players
  • 1.JOKER173 lvl,10101932 exp
  • 2.kosmolom108153 lvl,3595022 exp
  • 3.Nikolay333150 lvl,3697647 exp
  • 4.Dragun145 lvl,3302378 exp
  • 5.Gagboy144 lvl,2824167 exp
  • 6.bittingwind1111140 lvl,5743778 exp
  • 7.FunnyLife135 lvl,2368814 exp

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What hero will you become?

A merciless mercenary destroyer or a hermit natured wanderer?